Watergate for your business

Watergate empowers your business with intelligent water management. Prevent costly leaks, reduce water consumption, and ensure regulatory compliance with our advanced AI-driven solutions.

For Small Business

Watergate system is tailored to meet the unique needs of small businesses. Our smart water management system helps you prevent costly leaks, reduce water bills, and maintain regulatory compliance. With easy installation and user-friendly monitoring, Sonic provides peace of mind and efficient resource management, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Dashboard that adapts to your business

Now you can have a view of all properties in one place – keep every event under control, and see all incidents at once.

Close valves from any place

Quickly close the valve in any flat to minimize damage in emergencies. Easily contact emergency plumbers or tradespeople and efficiently communicate with tenants through our intuitive dashboard. Stay prepared and keep your property safe with our seamless solution.

Water metering and submetering

Detecting risks such as Legionella ensures high water hygiene standards are maintained, while providing accurate data for efficient water usage. Additionally, our metering and submetering measures help cut operational costs effectively.

For enterprise

Watergate’s advanced water management solutions are designed for large-scale operations. Protect your assets, reduce operational costs, and ensure regulatory compliance with our AI-driven technology. Benefit from real-time monitoring, proactive leak prevention, and detailed analytics to optimise water usage across multiple sites, supporting sustainability goals and enhancing operational efficiency.


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