Preventing Water Damage in New Builds

Watergate’s advanced leak detection system monitors water flow in real-time, identifying and addressing possible leaks before they cause significant damage. The system can automatically shut off the water supply to prevent extensive property damage, ensuring the integrity of new build homes.

Water Monitoring During and After Construction

Watergate provides a robust monitoring solution that can be used both during the construction phase and after occupancy. This ensures that any water-related issues are detected early, reducing project risks and ensuring timely interventions.

Lowering Insurance Premiums

By implementing Watergate’s leak detection and prevention technology, new build homes are less likely to suffer from water damage. This reduced risk can help homeowners negotiate lower insurance premiums, as insurers recognise the decreased likelihood of water-related claims.

Enhanced Protection to Meet Insurance Requirements

Watergate helps new build homes meet the stringent requirements of insurance companies by providing a reliable system for detecting and preventing water damage. This can make properties more attractive to insurers, reducing the chances of declined coverage.

Smart Water Usage Management

Watergate’s technology not only detects possible leaks but also monitors overall water usage, helping homeowners manage their water consumption efficiently. This promotes sustainability and can lead to cost savings on water bills, aligning with modern environmental standards and expectations.

Discover Sonic

Sonic offers AI-driven water management, preventing leaks, optimising usage, and ensuring compliance for various industries.


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