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  • Open Letter to the Government: Urgent Action on Water Waste in New Homes

    We’ve written to four ministers urging them to take a simple step.
    July 16, 2024
  • 6 Must-Read Resources for Hospitality Firms Wanting to Save Water

    Read these and take action today
    July 15, 2024
  • Why your water bill could soar by up to 44%

    …and what you can do to keep a lid on costs.
    July 11, 2024
  • Business water rates are going up

    How can I reduce the amount my business pays for water?

    Business water rates are going up – here’s how you can keep a lid on yours.
    July 11, 2024
  • A piggy bank filled with water

    How can I save water at home?

    10 tips to help you save money and the planet.
    July 10, 2024
  • Ofwat's £100M Water Efficiency Fund is due to launch in 2025

    Ofwat’s Water Efficiency Fund

    Learn how it works, when it launches, and how it could be improved.
    June 24, 2024
  • Watergate officially launches in the UK

    Learn about our mission to eradicate costly leaks and improve water conservation.
    June 20, 2024