Install Watergate App
to control your water

Unlock the full potential of Sonic by installing the Watergate app. Monitor your water usage in real-time, receive instant alerts about leaks, and manage your home’s water system remotely.

Protect your home, save on bills, and enjoy peace of mind with just a few taps.

Your Detailed Water Insights

Efficiently manage your water usage with the Watergate app. Access detailed insights to lower consumption, reduce costs, and maintain your water system effectively.

Proactive Leak and Safety Monitoring

Stay proactive with Watergate’s smart alerts for potential leaks and Legionella risks. Our system performs nightly pressure tests and monitors conditions, enabling swift action to ensure safety.

AI-Enhanced Autopilot and Communication

Trust Watergate’s AI to manage your water system and keep you informed. Our advanced AI not only monitors intelligently but also initiates phone calls for critical alerts, ensuring your water system remains secure.

Autopilot Mode ✨

Activate autopilot for Watergate to autonomously manage water flow, alerting you only after taking necessary action.

Remote Control 📱

Remotely manage Watergate’s valve via the app or dashboard, ensuring swift action against potential water issues.

Manual Operation 🖐️

Manually override Watergate’s settings effortlessly, akin to operating a standard stopcock, no specialist tools required.

Loved by customers

Louis K.
Louis K.
Early adopter
“We were halfway across the world when we got the alert. We shut off the water remotely and sent our neighbour round to check. The leak had already soaked the whole floor… thank goodness for Sonic or it would have flooded the whole house.”
Susan J.
Susan J.
Early adopter
“Super sensitive and connects straight to your phone. We got a notification and a phone call when we forgot to turn the garden hose off! Brilliant product.”
Nate C.
Nate C.
Early adopter
“My kids are at an age where they leave the taps running. I love that Sonic warns me about it. And it warned me when I left the sprinklers running and almost flooded the garden! We’re using about 20% less water than we did six months ago.”


Have questions about Sonic by Watergate? Here are some of the most common inquiries tenants have, along with detailed answers to help you make the most of your smart water management system.

Why should I install the Watergate app?

The Watergate app allows you to monitor your water usage in real-time, receive instant alerts about leaks, and manage your home’s water system remotely, providing comprehensive control and protection.

How does Sonic detect leaks?

Sonic uses advanced AI technology to continuously monitor your water system. It detects unusual water flow patterns and automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent damage.

What should I do if Sonic detects a leak?

If Sonic detects a leak, you’ll receive an instant alert via the app. Follow the app’s instructions to address the issue and contact a plumber if necessary.

Can Sonic help me save on water bills?

Yes, Sonic provides detailed insights into your water usage, helping you identify areas where you can reduce consumption and save on your water bills.

How does Sonic ensure water safety?

Sonic conducts nightly pressure tests and monitors for potential Legionella risks, ensuring your water system remains safe and compliant with health standards.

What happens if there’s a power outage?

Sonic has a built-in battery backup to ensure continuous operation even during power outages, keeping your home protected at all times.

Can I control Sonic when I’m away from home?

Yes, the Watergate app allows you to manage your water system remotely, giving you control and peace of mind no matter where you are.